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Privacy Notice

We believe that this is your customer's following the outlines of our security policy, but if you have any questions, please contact our customer service. Believe that it has safe and confidential storage, according to this privacy policy exhibition of personal information, lawful processing US

We will take the appropriate technical and organizational measures against illegal or illegal processing of personal data including your encrypted information in order to prevent applicable industry standards.

When you visit our website, we can use the account necessary for the setting, purpose, supply of goods and questions, to be settled some personal information. Just as long as we subscribe to reply, we will respond to your refund complaints at any time, to handle your order to deal with feedback / promotion, protect your information.

Under normal circumstances, we deal with it on our behalf we are not receiving secure shipping of your financial information directly to our card processing agent.

We want to express data for we have to be provided, provide information electronically

Your details If you did register for us, you can subscribe to future promotions and discounts. To unsubscribe from here anytime, you can email us to send customers

User of your item Although we are not the European Economic Area ("EEA"), unless you are in this situation, we need to provide your data outside the EEA and the process payment / Refund or sending your advertising sales information outside the subscription.

It is highly likely that our site continues to detect cookies of users. You will access cookies to personalize our website to suit your personal preferences. You can set your internet by disabling cookies.

This site contains links to other sites in your own privacy policy, we are not responsible for the privacy policy of these sites.

Connected to the internet and we will have our duty of care if your information is convenient, so that it is the cause of the risk, we do not need us, we need all of the information Unless you are, you will hurt

Cookie Policy
This policy explains how we use it, what cookie, and how to turn it off.

1. How to use cookies
We use a combination of ourselves and a third party's cookie cookie to improve your browsing experience so that our website works effectively. Specifically, we will use cookies.

It allows you to set up accounts, order and payment.
Remember, if you put it in the shopping cart of the item.
I remember you just looking for you can get back engineering projects quickly and easily back before you see.
We will improve your shopping experience.

2. What is cookie?
Cookie is a small file that contains your internet browsing device (computer, tablet, cell phone etc). Cookies do not store credit card information, personal information such as name or birthday.

3. What kind of cookie is it?
Our website uses session cookies and persistent cookies. From the moment, the site instant action login session cookie, until you. Once to delete login session cookie. Cookies can not be permanently deleted after each meeting.

Cookies can not be used on shopping cart or payment, on our website absolutely necessary that experience of our site will be interrupted if they are disabled.

Performance cookie collects visitor's anonymous data. We can use this data to help you satisfy specific problems and improve your future.

The appearance and function of cookie on our website. For example, the cookie function remembers the user name and language settings for the next visit.

By being designed for location or advertising network advertising activities, cookies. For your clicks and cookies to track our website, you can click and share with other organizations for more information such as advertisers. Cookies can also measure our results, campaigns.

Our third party cookie can approve the agency's website to use the services of this website.